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Unlock Your Landscape’s Potential with Air-O-Mulch Services.

Ditch the heavy bags – get fast, even mulch application with our professional blowing service!

Tame your landscape and protect your property with our expert erosion control solutions.

Level up your landscaping with our premium soil mixes, designed to nourish and support all your plants!

Create a safe and fun play space for your kids with our playground surfacing solutions!

Achieve a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape with our fast and efficient stone blowing service!

Your questions about Air-O-Mulch answered.

Mulch Blowing

Ditch the wheelbarrows and backache! Our Air-O-Mulch service quickly transforms your landscape with beautiful, long-lasting mulch. We use only premium hardwood bark, available in classic and vibrant colors, all double or triple shredded for optimal coverage. Our innovative blowing technology ensures even distribution, reaching those hard-to-reach areas for a flawless finish. Enjoy a healthier landscape and a pop of color in no time!

Upgrade your curb appeal – instantly!

Contact us today for a free quote on mulch blowing for your property. We’ll create a beautiful, long-lasting finish in no time!

Erosion Control

Worried about soil washout ruining your yard? We’ve got you covered! Our erosion control solutions combine the stopping power of filter socks, strategically placed berms, and durable blankets to shield your landscape from rain and wind. Filter socks trap sediment before it clogs drains, while berms act as mini-dams, redirecting water flow. Our breathable blankets gently hold soil in place, promoting healthy vegetation growth. We’ll assess your property and design a custom erosion control plan to keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy for years to come.

Our Blower Trucks allow us to reach difficult areas for erosion control measures including mulching and the installation of filter socks. We have the capability to use a variety of materials for filter sock installation in varying sizes. This unique capability sets us apart from your average Erosion Control service.


  • Silt Fence Installation and Maintenance
  • Silt Sock Blown in and installed on-site

Don’t let erosion damage your property!

Contact us today for a free quote on erosion control. Our services ensure lasting beauty and peace of mind for your landscape.

Soil Mix

Give your landscape the healthy foundation it deserves! Our Air-O-Mulch service precisely targets your planting needs. We use a powerful blower to deliver a custom soil mix directly to your beds, whether it’s nutrient-rich compost for vibrant flowers or a specialized seed mix for a lush lawn. Terra Seeding technology then injects seeds at the perfect depth for optimal growth, ensuring a successful start. Ditch the bags and backache – Air-O-Mulch provides a fast, targeted application for a thriving landscape in less time.

Give your plants the perfect start!

Contact us today for a free consultation on our custom soil mix solutions for your property. We’ll create the ideal foundation for a flourishing landscape!

Playground Surface

Transform your playground area into a safe and fun haven for your kids with our innovative Air-O-Mulch playground surfacing! We use a powerful blower to create a soft, cushioned landing zone made from either premium wood chips or certified playground mulch. Both options are specifically chosen for their impact absorption, minimizing bumps and bruises during play. Air-O-Mulch technology ensures an even, seamless application, free of gaps or uneven patches. Let your kids play freely while you have peace of mind, knowing they’re on a safe and durable surface!

Create a safe and fun haven for your kids!

Contact us today for a free quote on playground surface installation for your residential or commercial property. We offer soft, cushioned surfaces to minimize bumps and bruises during playtime!

Stone Blowing

Ditch the shovel and embrace effortless beauty with our Air-O-Mulch stone blowing service! We use a powerful blower to quickly and evenly distribute your choice of stone across your landscape. Whether you prefer classic pea gravel, decorative river rock, or a fire pit border of polished granite, we have a variety of stones to suit your style. Air-O-Mulch technology ensures a uniform application, reaching those hard-to-reach areas for a flawless finish. Create a low-maintenance, polished look for your walkways, patios, or garden beds in no time!

Create a stunning, low-maintenance landscape in minutes!

Contact us today for a free quote on Stone Blowing for your residential or commercial property. We offer a variety of stones to suit any style, from classic walkways to decorative fire pits.

Air-O-Mulch FAQs

What type of material can be blown?2024-04-11T17:41:11+00:00

Topsoil, Mulch, and stone.

How far away can the hose reach?2024-04-11T17:40:55+00:00

We can reach up to 200 feet off the road or driveway.

What is the minimum amount of mulch that can be blown?2024-04-11T17:40:37+00:00

We charge a minimum of $800.00 but the amount of mulch can vary.

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