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Barry Morton Sr.

President & CEO

As President of Morton’s Landscape Development Company it is my duty to see the “big picture” and to surround myself with the right people to keep us moving forward.  I try to instill the same work ethic in my people that has gotten myself and Morton’s to where we are today.  Having been a carpenter by day building bridges, a sheetmetal worker by night, and laying concrete on weekends I learned early the struggles of supporting a family and getting ahead.  To pick up some extra income I started mowing lawns throughout Northeast Ohio. Though a side job, I soon realized I had a small business blossoming.  A short time later I had crews out mowing on their own while I expanded and started to build decks and sculpting landscapes.  It was at this time when I had to make a decision to go full bore into landscaping or return to construction.  With the help of my son Morton’s has grown steadily throughout the years.  Today we run four divisions, Lawn Maintenance, Erosion, Air-O-Mulch, and Landscape Construction.  We have a full time Landscape Architect and sales team.  All of this made possible by perseverance and having the right people with the same vision, drive, and work ethic that I maintain to this day. 

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Barry Morton Jr.

Vice President/Designer/Sales

From the age of nine I have been a part of the business.  By the age of fourteen I started looking to make this a career and began taking classes through the Ohio Landscapers Association to further hone my skills and gain more perspective about the business side of things.  With nearly a lifetime of study that came from working with my father in the family business I worked my way up from the field and to becoming a $1 million-plus salesman every year.  Today I look at where we began and what we’ve become but what really keeps me going is where we can be 10 years from now.  Though the business continues to grow one thing I’ve always instilled in our people is that serving the client isn’t just about taking on new jobs, going out and completing them.  It’s about being a partner with them and sharing with them in the process.

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Matt Drda

Air-O-Mulch Manager 

Matt Drda is currently the Air-O-Mulch Manager with oversight of the Compost and Mulch facilities. He has worked for Morton’s Landscape Development Company since the spring of 2005 as a junior in high school and continued to work part-time while attending The Ohio State University. Matt became a full-time employee in the spring of 2011. While working and learning all aspects of the company, he developed a strong interest in mulch blowing within the Air-O-Mulch Division of the company.  After a short time, he was able to learn all facets of the mulch blowing business operation.  He has a strong background in both leadership, allowing him to lead the crews within the division, and is very mechanically inclined, which allows him to work on all trucks and equipment to ensure operations run smoothly.  In 2020, Matt was offered an opportunity to become a partner in Morton’s Landscape Development Company and has a vested interest in the day-to-day operations of the entire company.

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Eric Pawlak

President of Operations

Eric Pawlak is currently the president of operations and oversees all divisions on the landscape development side. He has had a love for the landscape industry for as long as he can remember. He started mowing lawns as a young teenager and this was the start of his passion for landscaping. Eric has been leading teams and running landscape projects for over 24 years. About 16 years ago he had a strong interest in the hardscape aspect of the industry. Eric developed his craft working on small brick patios and retaining walls. He is currently responsible for some of the largest outdoor living areas in northern Ohio. Eric has a strong background in leadership, communication, and training. This enables him to lead multiple teams and projects daily. Eric’s work belief is you’re only as good as your people, company culture, and morale. In his spare time Eric enjoys spending time with his family, pets, and friends. He also enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and watching The Ohio State Football Team.