Another service provided by Mortonís is our Air-O-Mulch service. The Air-O-Mulch system blows mulch, soil and stone through a hose up to 400 ft., making it ideal for any job. This two-man operation uses no wheelbarrows and involves no more exhausted workers sloshing through the mud and rutting up your lawn and landscape.
Air-O-Mulch Service:
• Residential & commercial service
• Apply up to 90 yards a day
• Landscaper discounts
Our Products:

Soil Mix
Terra Seeding
Compost/ Bed Mix
Top Dressing
Seed Injection

Premium Hardwood/ Bark
Colored Mulches
Double/ Triple Shredded

Erosion Control
Filter Socks

Playground Surfaces
Wood Chips
Virgin Wood Fibers

River Gravel